Are Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu Together? An Examination

Discussion around the relationship of Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu has intrigued many. They are central characters of a popular novel and their relationship is complex and multifaceted, sparking numerous interpretations among readers. Here’s a guide to understanding the nature of their ties.

The Journey of Luo Binghe & Shen Qingqiu

Luo Binghe was a disciple of Original Shen Qingqiu, who treated him cruelly. Despite the torment, Luo Binghe developed a strong bond with Shen Qingqiu. Later, Luo Binghe transformed into a charismatic and powerful character, who still sought the affection of Shen Qingqiu.

  • At the novel’s conclusion, Luo Binghe proposed to Shen Qingqiu, who accepted willingly. They marry discreetly, confirming the transition of their relationship from disciple-teacher to romantic partners.
  • Luo Binghe was originally a poor boy but overcomes numerous hardships and becomes a powerful figure. His strong demonic abilities, combined with his charisma, allowed him to reign over Northern Demonic Lands. However, his abandonment issues run deep, hardly ever leaving him.
  • Shen Qingqiu initially despised the original Shen Qingqiu for his maltreatment of disciples, especially Luo Binghe. But as he learnt more about Shen Qingqiu’s backstory, his hatred gave way to understanding.
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The Romantic Dimension

Many believe Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu share a deep romantic connection, going beyond a simple teacher-student bond. Here’s why mentions of their romance permeate many discussions.

  • Throughout their journey, Luo Binghe’s affection for Shen Qingqiu evolved from admiration to romantic feelings. Luo continuously seeks Shen Qingqiu’s approval and affection, wanting to share his life with him.
  • Despite the fear of Luo Binghe’s potential retaliation, after faking his death, Shen Qingqiu wakes up longing to see Luo Binghe’s face.
  • Their connection is further emphasized in the extras where their affectionate relationship is depicted. Their marital life indicates a deep, romantic bond with Luo Binghe often seeking attention and doting on his husband, Shen Qingqiu.


In conclusion, the relationship between Luo Binghe and Shen Qingqiu is incredibly complex. While it started on rocky terms, their bond evolved into a deep, affectionate connection. Their tale resonates with many, exploring the themes of perseverance, redemption, and transformation of bitter resentments into a bond of love and dedication.

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