Are There Any Romance Books Written by Men? Exploring a Less-Known Genre

Despite popular perceptions, romance novels aren’t the exclusive domain of female authors. A decent number of male writers have provided their unique perspectives and feel to this genre. Some have even chosen to adopt female pseudonyms, their reasons varying from fitting audience expectations to evoking a certain stylistic image.

The Stalwarts

Peter O’Donnell, better known in the romance genre as Madeleine Brent, and Roger Sanderson are two distinctive examples. O’Donnell, as Brent, has won the Romantic Novel of the Year award for ‘Merlin’s Keep’, while Sanderson, writing as Gill Sanderson, penned nearly fifty medical romances for Mills & Boon. Another renowned male romance author is Bill Spence, who, writing as Jessica Blair, continued creating romance novels until the ripe age of 97.

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Recent Entrants

More recently, the romance genre has seen the rise of John Jackson, a British author known for historical romances. His novel, “Heart of Stone”, is all about his evil ancestor and has been short-listed for the 2018 Joan Hessayon prize.

Broadening the Horizon

Also worth mentioning are male writers like Nicholas Sparks and Liam Livings. Sparks has made a significant impact on the contemporary romance scene with books that offer emotional depth. Livings, on the other hand, has been lauded for his contributions towards exploring same-sex relationships and romance in his books.

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The landscape of romance literature isn’t confined to one gender. Both men and women can craft engaging, compelling narratives that revolve around the concept of love. Whether it’s historical romance, contemporary tales, or niches beyond, male authors continue to engage readers with their unique takes and diversified storytelling. So, next time you pick a romance novel, remember that a man might have poured his heart into creating that touching love story.

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