Can I Really Make Money By Writing a Children’s Book?

Writing children’s books can indeed be a profitable venture. It requires a combination of creativity, understanding of your target readership, and adoption of effective marketing strategies.

Market Research and Writing

  • Understanding your target readership: Before you begin, understand the age group you’re writing for, what interests them, and the type of content that would appeal to them.
  • Write an engaging Story: Your book needs to have a compelling, age-appropriate story.
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The Role of Artworks in Children Books

  • Importance of Illustrations: Children’s books heavily rely on visuals. Ensure to invest in high-quality illustrations that make your story more appealing and marketable.

Building an Author Platform and Marketing Strategy

  • Create an online presence: An online presence helps potential buyers to find your books and learn more about you as a writer.
  • Promote Your Work: Active promotion will significantly boost your book sales and build a loyal readership over time.
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Building Networks and Perseverance

  • Create a network: Building a supportive network offers vital opportunities for joint marketing efforts, knowledge-sharing, and creative collaborations.
  • Be persistent: Success does not come overnight. You have to be patient and tenacious.

Publishing Routes

The route you take in publishing your book also directly affects your profitability.

  • Self-Publishing: Self-publishing provides higher royalties per sale, but it requires you to independently handle the marketing and promotion.
  • Traditional Publishing: With traditional publishing, you may get an upfront advance, but the royalties are generally lower.
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Secondary Income Strategies

  • Lateral income: Explore other avenues of income such as offering workshops, Q&A sessions, readings, or developing educational resource packs related to your books.


Writing a children’s book can be profitable if done right. It requires a high-quality story, effective artwork, an effective marketing strategy, a solid online presence, persistence, and a good understanding of income strategies. By balancing creativity with business acumen, you can turn your passion for writing children’s books into a profitable career.

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