Can ‘Thank You’ be Written as One Word?

Understanding the correct usage of thank you in writing can sometimes elicit confusion. Whether to use it as two separate words, as one word, or hyphenated is a question that often pops up among writers. Shedding some light on this matter, we delve into its proper usage.

Correct Usage

Typically, the correct usage is thank you as two separate words. This usage applies when it’s utilised as a verb phrase to express gratitude. Here are a few examples:

  • Thank you for the lovely gift.
  • Could you please say thank you?
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Use as a Noun or Adjective

Thank you when used as a noun or adjective often remains as two separate words. For instance:

  • I sent a thank you card to my friend.
  • Your thank you note was very thoughtful.

The Single Word Form

It’s acknowledgment that the term thankyou used as a single word is gaining prevalence, particularly as a noun or an adjective. However, this form is still considered more commonplace in informal writing. Some examples include:

  • She left a thankyou note.
  • The company gave me a bonus as a thankyou for my hard work.

Hyphenated Form

In some instances, you might see thank-you written with a hyphen, especially when it’s used as a noun or adjective. Nonetheless, it’s generally inadmissible in formal writing. Here are examples:

  • The auction includes a thank-you note from the scholar.
  • He scribbled a quick thank-you on the post-it.


In conclusion, to answer the question – is thank you one word or two? The answer primarily depends on its usage. As a verb phrase or formal writing, choose thank you. As a noun or adjective in informal writing, either thank you, thankyou, or thank-you can be applicable. However, it’s recommended to stick to two words – thank you – as it’s most widely accepted and less prone to error in various contexts.

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