Do I Need to Read the Lux Series Before The Darkest Star?

Before diving into the thrilling world of The Darkest Star, first-time readers may ponder if they should embark on the journey of reading the Lux series beforehand. To help answer this query, this guide explores whether reading the Lux series enhances understanding and enjoyment when proceeding to The Darkest Star series.

Understanding the Lux Series


  • The Lux series is a fascinating science fiction saga authored by Jennifer L. Armentrout.
  • The series revolves around a world where Luxen, an alien species, exist and interact with humans.
  • The books contain layers of deep connections and pasts that contribute significantly to the understanding of the series, characters, and their motives.

Unfolding The Darkest Star

    • The Darkest Star series is an equally intriguing spin-off originating from the Lux series.
    • The series primarily revolves around Evie Dasher who grapples with her tangled past and her present association with Luc, a charming, potent Origin at the heart of everything.
    • It unravels post the Luxen invasion and showcases Evie’s sudden immersion into a world of Origins, delicately lacing the books with awe, suspense, and blooming romance.

Is Reading Lux Series Essential?

    • It is highly recommended, though not strictly required, to read the Lux series before The Darkest Star Series.
    • Doing so aids the reader with coherent comprehension, avoiding potential confusion due to the intersection of the characters and their linked histories.
    • Suppose you already travelled through the Lux series. In that case, you’ll have a solid grasp of the backstories and a clear understanding of the characters such as Luc and his intricacies, which may add depth to your reading experience of The Darkest Star series.
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Understanding Sequence and Characters

    • Reading the Lux series first helps unveil the layered personalities of the characters better and provides an insight into why they behave the way they do.
    • Without this background, some aspects of these characters might be lose context, causing a partial understanding of their actions and intentions.


Overall, whilst it is possible to read The Darkest Star series without prior knowledge of the Lux series, it’s beneficial to immerse yourself first in the original series. This approach allows for a substantial depth of understanding, unveiling the intricate layers of character development and plot progression. Whether you’re a seasoned Lux series fan or a curious first-time reader, you are embarking on an enticing journey filled with mysteries, surprises, and engaging storytelling. Now, brace yourself for a mesmerizing dive into Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Universe!

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