Do Miyo and Kiyoka Share a Kiss in their Story?

Curiosity has led you to the intriguing question, “Do MIYO and Kiyoka ever kiss?” You’re not alone. This question sparks interest among numerous fans and avid readers.

Understanding the Characters

In the captivating tale of My Happy Marriage, we encounter two main characters, Miyo Saimori and Kiyoka Kudou. Their individual experiences and interactions form the backbone of this compelling story.

  • Miyo Saimori: Previously belittled and mistreated, Miyo grows to become a strong, loving character, who discovers her special ability, the Dream-Sight.
  • Kiyoka Kudou: Initially presented as cold and unyielding, Kiyoka gradually shows his kind-hearted nature, forming a warm bond with Miyo.
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The Romance

The evolution of Miyo and Kiyoka’s relationship is a significant part of the narrative. Despite the circumstances of their forced marriage, they gradually grow fond of each other.

The Kisses

Now to answer the burning question, the answer is yes, Miyo and Kiyoka do share their kisses.

  • First Kiss Instance: After a mutual exchange of thanks and sentiments, Miyo and Kiyoka share their second kiss as snow begins to fall. This contributes to them acknowledging their affection for each other.
  • Second Kiss Instance: Later, during an intimate moment, Kiyoka reassures and comforts a worried Miyo by offering a tender kiss on her lips.
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So, all you seekers who wondered “Do MIYO and Kiyoka ever kiss?” the remarkable journey of these characters indeed includes their shared kisses. As they navigate their battles and challenges, their growing intimacy and love become evident, making their moments of affection not only special but also heartwarming. Despite their out-of-the-ordinary predicaments and differences, the strength of their bond and love remain indisputable.

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