Does The King’s Avatar Incorporate a Love Story?

“The King’s Avatar” is a popular series consumed by many across different platforms like novels, anime, and drama. A question often raised by its vast audience is whether there is a love story in it. This guide provides a comprehensive answer to that very query.

Primary Characters

The integral characters of the series are Ye Xiu, a top-tier player in the multiplayer online game Glory, and Su Mucheng, a professional player closely linked to him. Su Mucheng’s bond with Ye Xiu appears to be deeply rooted, and she is ever-present at his side. However, it is important to understand the nature of this bond to correctly address the question at hand.

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The Relationship: Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu

  • Su Mucheng’s love for Ye Xiu is evident from her constant support and caring demeanor towards him.
  • Despite being a celebrated player herself, Su Mucheng is content with playing merely a supporting role to Ye Xiu.
  • Their relationship, however, remains largely platonic, encapsulated by friendly banter and mutual respect, rather than romantic or intimate affection.

Drama and Novel’s Stance on Romance

It is essential to note that the writer of the original novel intended the story to be a journey focused on eSports and the character’s passion for the game. Thus, the author explicitly avoided introducing romantic plotlines within the narrative. That means any affection shown between characters like Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng should mostly be read in a platonic context.

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Fan Theories

Naturally, the fans have their interpretations and ships within the storyline. Some popular fan ships include:

  • Deception and Su Mucheng: Many fans theorize a possible romantic link between these characters as Su Mucheng is the only one that Deception talks to freely.
  • Ye Xiu and Su Muqiu: A popular ship amongst the fans, however, it is based on mere speculation and not on any evidence in the original text.


“The King’s Avatar” thrives on its unique plot surrounding eSports, intense characterization, and the strategic intricacies of Glory’s gameplay, rather than romantic relationships. While some viewers interpret certain character interactions as romantic overtures, the original text suggests a more platonic understanding. In conclusion, “The King’s Avatar” does not include a traditional love story as a primary plot element.

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