Is There a Prequel to the Nano Machine?

Exploring the fascinating world of Nano Machine, a prominent question arises – “Does Nano Machine have a prequel?” There have been ongoing discussions and debates over this topic. In this guide, we delve into these speculations and provide a comprehensive and definitive answer to this intriguing query.

Nano Machine: Quick Overview

For novices, Nano Machine is a popular Korean web novel that garners considerable interest from fans worldwide. It incorporates elements of Wuxia, fantasy, and Sci-Fi creating a compelling narrative that grips readers. The core premise revolves around nanomachines, minute mechanical or electromechanical entities, opening up a world of immense possibilities.

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Prequel Misconceptions: The Unresolved Mystery

Several sources cite that there might be a prequel to Nano Machine, leading to a fair amount of confusion. They stumble upon terms like, the “1st Heavenly Demon and his life story” and a prequel novel currently in serialization. A series, “Chronicles of Heavenly Demon”, often surfaces during these searches, further triggering misconceptions.

It’s however essential to clarify that this series exists in a separate universe and shares no connection with Nano Machine.

The Nano Machine Series: Unraveling The Truth

  • Descent of the Demon God, a novel falling under the Korean Wuxia category, is one of the key works connected to the Nano Machine. Interestingly, it’s not a prequel but a sequel, continuing the storyline from Nano Machine.
  • Myst, Might, Mayhem, another series mentioned frequently in relation to Nano Machine, is actually a recently published work. Although it’s fascinating, it’s not a prequel to the Nano Machine series.
  • There’s mention of a novel titled Nanshin of Strange Power, which is believed to be the true prequel to Nano Machine. This novel outlines the journey of the first Heavenly Demon, taking place 300 years after the Absolute Sword Sense story and 800 years before the commencement of Nano Machine.
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Key Characters: Connecting The Dots

The character named Cheon Ma, also known as Larisha or “Mok Gyeongwoon”, is a notable figure in the Nano Machine universe. Being the founder of the Heavenly Demon Divine Cult as well as the Cheon family’s ancestor, they add depth to the series.


In conclusion, the assumption about a prequel to Nano Machine does hold some credibility. Nanshin of Strange Power appears to be the closest to this claim. It’s important to scrutinize available sources to eliminate misconceptions. Nano Machine, with its alluring narrative, ticks numerous boxes in the world of literature, continuing to captivate readers across the globe. Whether you’re an ardent devotee or a new explorer, the Nano Machine series unquestionably adds thrilling chapters to your reading journey.

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