Does Spice Exist in Unwanted Marriages?

The idea of unwanted marriage often paints an image of force, inconvenience, and a lack of romance. However, digging deeper into the subject reveals a surprisingly abundant variety of spice tucked within these unconventional bonds. This complexity is well explored in literature, particularly romance novels.

Unwanted Marriages in Novels

One such story is The Unwanted Wife by Natasha Anders. Characters navigate a rocky marriage facing issues of passion, coldness, and, most importantly, a demand for a child. The novel presents various tropes like arranged/forced marriage, virgin heroine, rich hero, marriage of convenience, which give the unwanted marriage a unique flavor.

Another intriguing read is The Unwanted Marriage: Dion and Faye’s Story (The Windsors), where an arranged marriage between the two main characters adds a tangy twist. Interestingly, secrets kept by the characters pose a potential threat to their relationship unveiling an unexpected spice.

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Evolution of Characters in Unwanted Marriages

In unwanted marriages, the evolution of characters is a crucial element for adding spice to the narrative. Starting from a cold, hateful relationship, characters often develop and grow throughout the narrative.

    • The Unwanted Wife shows the protagonist, Theresa, muster the courage to ask for a divorce, leading to profound character development.
    • In The Unwanted Marriage: Dion and Faye’s Story (The Windsors), the transformation of character Dion, from an unwilling fiancĂ© to a man realizing his love, adds depth to the narrative.

Reader Reactions

Readers’ reactions to stories featuring unwanted marriage range widely, reflecting the presence of varied spice elements. Some readers express sympathy towards the protagonists, some appreciate the character development, and others value the emotional depth in these stories.

Characters in an unwanted marriage are often appreciated for donning their “big girl panties” and standing up for themselves. Readers enjoy the female protagonists’ transformation from a doormat to a strong, decisive character. In contrast, some readers may not be satisfied with the character change or the level of groveling, or remorse presented by the character.

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Spiciness Factor

The spiciness factor of unwanted marriages depends on the emotional roller-coaster these relationships undergo. The foundation in hate and forced situations often transitions into passionate love, layered with a mix of emotions encompassing fear, confusion, and finally, acceptance.


On the surface, an unwanted marriage might appear unpalatable. However, these relationships narrate the journey of characters who navigate through layers of emotions, complexities, and personal growth. Indeed, it is these unexpected twists and turns that bring in a unique kind of spice to unwanted marriages, making them a pivotal theme in romance literature.

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