Does ‘Till the End of the Moon’ Have a Happy Ending?

The Chinese drama “Till The End Of The Moon” has gained considerable attention, leading many viewers to inquire about the nature of its conclusion. The aim of this guide is to provide clarity on the final episodes, specifically addressing the much-debated question: Does “Till The End Of The Moon” have a happy ending?

The Story

The epic saga revolves around an intriguing narrative, primarily focusing on the characters Tantai Jin and Li Susu. The drama paints a picture of a world entwined with mythology, romance, and rebellion, where the leading characters grapple with their fates amidst personalized turmoil and grand celestial battles.

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The Final Episodes

In the concluding chapters, the plot enfolds a dramatic series of proceedings. You see Tantai Jin, who, despite identified as the supposed Devil God, chooses to sacrifice himself for the greater good. His sacrifice helps to eradicate the evil and bring peace across the realms. However, this isn’t the final chapter in his story. The drama concludes with certain insinuations towards the following:

  • Tantai Jin’s preserved immortal essence: Rather than a complete obliteration, a part of Tantai Jin’s immortal essence appears to be preserved. While surrounded by symbolic representations, there is a hint at potential reincarnation or rebirth.
  • The birth of Tantai Jin’s daughter: This period witnesses the birth of Tantai Jin’s daughter, further consolidating peace across the realms. Meanwhile, Li Susu continues to display her unwavering faith in Tantai Jin’s return
  • The hint of a reunion: Towards the end, viewers come across scenes suggesting a reunion, reinstating hope for a possible reconstruction of the love story.

Romanticizing The Ending

Though the drama concludes on a note of uncertainty, it is important to note the presence of multiple facets symbolizing hope. Some see this open ending as an indication of love enduring beyond obstacles and time, keeping love alive even in the face of seeming separation.


The Novel’s Perspective

There’s also a viewpoint that the drama borrows elements from both endings presented in the original novel. Moreover, the novel alludes to a more definitive conclusion, portraying a reunion between Tantai Jin and Li Susu, marked by a happy ending. Therefore, depending on your interpretation of the drama ending, combined with the novel’s closure, you might conclude a positive note.


Answering whether “Till The End Of The Moon” has a happy ending fundamentally boils down to your perspective and how you interpret the symbols and implications presented in the drama. While it does portray a heart-wrenching sacrifice, it also leaves room for possible hope and reunion. By taking into consideration the novel and the insinuations presented throughout the drama, it appears the series may not end on an entirely tragic note, providing a solace message that love transcends even the harshest of adversities.

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