Creating Your Fantasy Novel: Exploring the Outline Template

Planning and outlining a novel, specifically a fantasy novel, is an effective way to streamline the writing process. Considering the diversity of elements prevailing in fantasy, like creative magic systems, unique creatures, extraordinary world-building; an outline is helpful to keep track of everything without wandering off the track.

Why an Outline?

An outline functions like a map that navigates through the sophisticated process. A well-planned outline prevents powerful ideas from being overshadowed by procrastination, writer’s block, or other writing setbacks. Despite popular belief, rather than constricting creativity, an outline amplifies it, allowing authors to provide their best work.

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The Significance of Plot Structures

Every engaging novel relies on a compelling plot structure. Plot outlines are the novel’s skeleton, a scaffold where you organize the central theme and critical developments of the story. They include key turning points, critical developments, and pivotal moments of the character’s journey.

Various Plot Structures

There are numerous plot structures, like three-act structure, Morphological Content Plan, Fichtean Curve, etc., but one of the most popular is the Hero’s Journey. Despite its name, this structure isn’t confined to stories about conventional heroes and can be interpreted as a character’s journey, which results in internal or external transformations.

  • The Ordinary World: The protagonist’s normal everyday life.
  • The Call to adventure: A dramatic change challenging the hero.
  • The Refusal of the Call: The hero may express doubt.
  • Meeting the Mentor: The hero encounters a seasoned individual offering significant advice.
  • Crossing the Threshold: The hero decides to overcome the obstacles.
  • Tests, allies, enemies: This stage includes different challenges and characters that the protagonist encounters.
  • The Ordeal: The protagonist faces a great crisis.
  • The Reward
  • The Road Back
  • The Resurrection: The protagonist faces a secondary crisis.
  • The Return with Elixir: The hero returns home, having changed.
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Genre Specific Outlines

Often, writing a novel without a specified genre feels daunting; specific genre outlines cut down this ambiguity, helping you map the critical points of the story more effectively. For example, romance novels follow a specific structure as do crime thrillers or mysteries.

Flexible Rules

Adhering to an outline doesn’t imply rigidity. While it’s crucial to respect the structure, the beauty of novel writing is the opportunity to nurture your creativity and intuition. An outline serves as a guideline, leaving enough room for unexpected developments that enhance your story’s dynamics.

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Effective Templating

Several effective novel outline templates are available, covering loads of genres and styles, which can make the process of outlining simpler. Using them wisely can streamline the entire process, helping you focus more on the creative aspects of novel writing.


Writing a compelling fantasy novel is a mixture of creativity, hard work, and strategic planning. Outlining your novel not only streamlines your creative journey but also helps you stay on track, ensuring each stage of your plot contributes to an engaging and captivating narrative for your audience. Embrace the art of outlining – it might be the key to your fantasy novel’s success.

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