How to Efficiently Put Text Above a Line in Word?

Generating professional and neat documents has always been a necessity, and no tool offers an easier solution than Microsoft Word. A common requirement is to put text above a line in Word, which can be used for forms, signatory sections, or even decorative purposes. Following the steps presented in this guide, you will master this task in no time.

Adding Text Above A Line

The basic step to adding text over a line revolves around using Text Box. Here are the steps:

    • Open Word and navigate to the section where you want the text.
    • Use the Insert tab and select “Text Box.”
    • Newly added in the document, drag the text box above the line.
    • Click inside the text box and write your text.
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Making Text Box Invisible

To provide a seamless look, making the Text Box invisible is crucial. Steps include:

    • After typing the text, click on the text box to select it.
    • Navigate to the ‘Text Box Tools’ tab (it appears once the box is selected).
    • Choose “Shape Outline.” Then select “No Outline.”
    • Next, head towards the “Shape Fill” option and select “No Fill.”

Text Adjustments In Word

For different scenarios and Word versions such as Word 2007 or 2010, the process can vary slightly. Important to note:

    • If the text needs underline, just highlight the text and click the Underline button.
    • In Word, there is another feature called ‘Overtype mode.’ You can set up this function in Word Options.
    • This mode allows you to replace text as you type over the words to the right of the insertion point.

Adding Borders and Shading

If your text requires a bordered and shaded look, follow these steps:

    • Place the cursor where you wish to begin typing.
    • On the Home tab or the Format Text tab, select the arrow beside Borders.
    • Select Borders and Shading at the bottom of the menu.
    • In the new dialog box, adjust the line’s style, colour, or width as needed, then select OK.


Enhancing your working capacities and mastering the usage of some of the most simple yet essential features of Microsoft Word, such as adding text above a line, can significantly improve the appearance and professionalism of your documents. Follow these instructions to achieve crisp and tidy styles in your Word files. Always remember, practice and familiarity will make these processes second nature in no time!

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