How Can I Craft a Compelling VA Disability Letter?

Writing a VA disability letter is a crucial step for veterans filing for disability compensation. This letter, also known as VA Form 21-122010 or Statement in Support of a Claim, provides the VA with valuable insights about your situation. It serves as a personal narrative, detailing the impact of your disability on your life.

Crafting an effective VA disability letter can strengthen your claim significantly. This guide will walk you through important considerations and practical tips to write a compelling letter.

Identify the Purpose of Your Statement

Your VA disability letter should have a clear purpose. Are you discussing one specific claim or multiple? Start with a concise statement that clarifies the aim of your letter. Your words should be straightforward and focused.


“I am submitting this statement to support my claim for service connection for a knee injury sustained during combat operations in Afghanistan in March 2015.”

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Provide Critical Information

It’s crucial to provide a thorough description of the events, symptoms, and impacts of your disability. However, avoid including unnecessary details. Try to be as specific as possible about your condition and how it has affected you.


“During a patrol in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on March 22, 2015, our vehicle was struck by an IED, resulting in severe trauma to my right knee.”

Use Specific Examples

Illustrating the consequences of your disability with specific examples can make your claim more compelling. Make sure to mention any significant changes in your personal or professional life due to your condition.


“Since my knee injury in March 2015, I’ve struggled with daily tasks like grocery shopping or playing with my kids in the yard.”

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Add Testimonials

Including statements from family, friends and fellow service-members can reinforce your claim. These testimonials offer additional perspectives on your condition and its effects.


“My partner has experienced a drastic change in their ability to engage in everyday activities since returning from service with a knee injury.”

Review and Revise

Before submitting your statement, make sure to review it for clarity and completeness. Consider having someone else read it to ensure its coherence. A well-reviewed statement can effectively convey your situation and the impact of your disability.

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In summary, your VA disability letter is a vital component of your disability claim. It’s an opportunity to share your story and detail the effects of your disability. By clearly identifying the purpose of your statement, including thorough information and specifics, adding testimonials, and reviewing your statement carefully, you’ll form a persuasive letter that highlights the legitimacy of your claim. Remember, this process is about communicating your personal experience as a veteran dealing with a disability. Your voice significantly affects this process and can help ensure you receive the VA disability benefits you deserve.

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