Is it Possible to Write a Google Review Without an Account?

Reviews on Google have become an important factor for businesses. They help in boosting the credibility, enhancing visibility, and even improving the overall SEO rankings of the businesses. Some people believe that they need a Gmail account to write reviews on Google, but that’s not the case.

In this guide, you will learn how to post a review on Google without having a Gmail account.

Steps to Writing a Google Review Without a Gmail Account

Step 1: Open Google Maps

  • Begin by opening Google Maps on your laptop, computer, or mobile device. On the browser, you need to navigate to Google, then select Maps in the dropdown list. For Android mobile device users, Google Maps is likely part of your default apps.

Step 2: Search for the business

  • Once you’re in Google Maps, search for the business you want to review. After finding the business, click on the business name for more details.

Step 3: Rate and Write a Review

  • Next, move to the starred review section. Here, you will see five empty stars waiting for your rating. Choose a rating that reflects your experience with the business, and if you wish, you can elaborate on your customer experience in a text review.

Step 4: Connecting your Email

  • At times, you may get a prompt asking you to sign in. Don’t be deterred by this! Go ahead and click “Create Account”. Instead of creating a Google account, click the option: “Use my current email address instead”. You will not be creating a Google account, just simply linking your non-Gmail email address to leave the review. If you don’t have a Google Maps account associated your email address, this part is critical.

Step 5: Share Relevant Images and Hit Publish

  • After linking your email account, you have the option to add and share relevant images that provide more details and context to your review. This is not only helpful for the business but also for other potential customers. Once you’re done, hit publish!


Now you know – it’s possible to write a review on Google without a Gmail account. The process is simple and straightforward. Whether you’re a satisfied or dissatisfied customer, your Google review is an important contribution to the business, its prospective consumers and the industry as a whole. By leaving reviews on Google, you help small businesses thrive, improve their services, and help other potential customers in their decision-making process. Get out there, share your experiences and help businesses grow!

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