How Can I Use Different Fonts in GoodNotes?

Discover the process of using different fonts in GoodNotes. A vast selection of choices can help to add variety and personality to your journals or digital planners.

Finding and Downloading Fonts

Firstly, you must acquire your desired font. Websites such as FontBundles or Dafont are excellent places to start.

  • Open your browser and navigate to your chosen website.
  • Create an account if required and go to the ‘Free Fonts’ section.
  • Browse and select your favorite font.
  • Click ‘Download Now’ and confirm.
  • Your downloaded font will be in your device’s ‘Files’.
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Installing Fonts in Your Device

Get your downloaded font into your device’s system using an app called iFont, this below steps will guide you on how to:

  • Download and open the iFont app.
  • Click on the page icon with the green plus sign to search for your fonts.
  • Tap on all the fonts you want to add to iFont and then tap ‘Open’.
  • Tap on the blue ‘Install’ button next to each font and allow the installation.
  • Follow the pop-up instructions and prompts to install the profile.
  • Once done, your new font is now in your iPad’s system.

Using Installed Fonts in GoodNotes

You can now use your installed fonts in GoodNotes:

  • Ensure you close your GoodNotes app after installing your new font.
  • Reopen the app, and you will see your installed fonts.
  • To use your font, simply click the text icon in the GoodNotes menu and select your new font.


Bringing a personalized touch to your digital planners and journals, using different fonts in GoodNotes is straightforward and fun. Find, install, and use stylish and attractive fonts to add variety to your digital planning and journaling experience.

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