How Do You Remember the Correct Spelling of Wednesday?

Remembering how to spell Wednesday can be a handful due to its unconventional pronunciation, but with a bit of history and a few tips, we can make it easier.

The Origin of Wednesday

The name Wednesday originated from Wōdnesdæg (Woden’s day), a name that honors the Germanic god Woden, also referred to as Odin. This Old English term is a translation of the Latin phrase Mercurii dies (Mercury’s day), since the gods Mercury and Woden were often associated.

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Common Misconceptions

Despite the pronunciation, which gives the impression of simpler spellings, the only correct spelling is “Wednesday”. The initial ‘d’ remains silent, reflecting its historical roots and spelling, leading to frequent misspellings.

Ways to Remember the Spelling

  • Word Breakdown: Breaking the word into three syllables can help reinforce its spelling. You can think of it as Wed-Nes-Day when writing it, which can serve as a reminder.
  • Associative Phrase: A common phrase to always remember is “They wed on a Wednesday.”, this trick helps remember the silent ‘d’ and the placement of the letters.
  • Mnemonic Device: Use a memorable sentence like “What exactly did Neil see during a year?“. The first letters of each word form the word “Wednesday”.
  • Visual Associations: Associating Wednesday with a visual image, like a church wedding that takes place in the middle of a week, can also aid memory.
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Occasionally, depending on regional or dialect changes, the ‘d’ may not be silent. For instance, in some Scottish accents, all letters are pronounced. Remember, each language and dialect has its unique characteristics.


In sum, remembering how to spell Wednesday comes down to recognizing its roots and repeatedly practicing it using some techniques like word breakdown and association. With these tips above, you’ll surely minimize errors in spelling ‘Wednesday’. After all, English language, with all its eccentricities, only becomes mastered with time and practice.

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