How Do You Express ‘Anyway’ in Slang Terms?

Ever wondered about the various ways to say “anyway” in slang? Well, here’s a guide that gives you the details. The word “anyway” is used in conversations to shift the topic or disregard factors that challenge our point of view. But when it comes to informal speaking or slang, the word “anyways” often comes into play.

Usage of ‘Anyways’

“Anyways” is informal and considered nonstandard English. It’s a form of “anyway” mostly used in everyday speech or dialogue, and frequently appears at the beginning of a sentence to change the subject or resume discussion of a topic after some interruption, for instance, “Anyways, as I was saying…”. The usage of this variant can also imply sarcasm or a dismissive attitude. However, it is important to note that “anyways” should be avoided in formal writing or speaking contexts to conform to traditional standards.

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Variations and Synonyms

Some alternative phrases for “anyway” and “anyways” that can be used based on context include:

  • ‘anywise’
  • ‘at any rate’
  • ‘however’
  • ‘nevertheless’
  • ‘in any case’
  • ‘regardless’

Common Confusions

One common point of confusion includes the difference between “anyway” and “any way”. While “anyway” refers to a disregard for potential factors that might stand in the way of an argument, “any way” implies a variety of paths to be chosen or ways to do something. Understanding the subtle differences can help avoid being misunderstood.

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In conclusion, there are many ways to say “anyway” in slang, with “anyways” being a prominent choice in informal, everyday usage. Although it is classified as nonstandard, this variant remains popular in colloquial speech. It is advisable to use these alternatives based on context and the formality of the situation to ensure effective communication.

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