How Do You Articulate ‘This is Because’ in an Essay?

Writing an essay or any piece of academic writing requires using diverse vocabulary to effectively communicate your thoughts. The common conjunction “because” signifies a cause-effect relationship, but using it repetitively can make your essay seem monotonous. Let’s discuss different alternatives for saying “this is because” to enhance your vocabulary and avoid repetitiveness.

Substitutes for “Because” and “This is Because”

1. As: Functions like “because”, for stating reasons for something.

Example: As my friend yelled at me, I cried.

2. Since: Similar to “because”, but often refers to time.

Example: Richard has been more careful since the incident occurred.

3. For: More formal and usually found in poetic writing.

Example: He couldn’t attend the meeting for he was ill.

4. Inasmuch as: Emphasizes the cause-effect relationship.

Example: The project was a success, inasmuch as our goals were achieved.

5. As long as: Implies that if one thing is happening, then another thing can happen too.

Example: As long as we have funds, the research can continue.

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Formal Alternatives

1. Due to the fact that: Used to introduce a direct reason.

Example: She did not go to the party due to the fact that she was not feeling well.

2. As a result of: Highlights the outcome of a situation.

Example: As a result of constant hardwork, he passed the exam.

3. On account of: Used to explain reasons or causes.

Example: The picnic was cancelled on account of rain.

4. Owing to: Conveys a direct cause-effect relationship.

Example: They could not play owing to the bad weather.

5. In light of: Introduces information that has influenced a decision.

Example: In light of recent incidents, tighter security measures have been put in place.

Brief Phrases and Conjunctions

Apart from the alternatives mentioned, here are some brief phrases that can substitute “because”:

  • Given that introduces a precondition.
  • Attributable to points directly to causation.
  • By virtue of implies a cause-and-effect relationship.
  • On the grounds of cites specific reasons or evidence.
  • Thanks to conveys gratitude or positive acknowledgment of a cause.
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Developing a rich vocabulary is integral to delivering effective and engaging essays. Alternatives for “this is because” provide an opportunity to enhance your writing style and keep the reader’s attention. Remember, the key to avoiding repetitiveness is varying your language, while ensuring clarity and coherence in presenting your thoughts.

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