How Do You Start a Comment? Insights and Helpful Tips

Starting a comment effectively can highly influence the delivery of your opinion and how it is received. The ability to construct an impactful comment is of significant value in various contexts such as blogs, forums, academic discussions and professional interactions. The main objective is to express your opinion, feedback or insightful observations in a relevant, concise and respectful manner.

Choosing the Right Opening

How you begin a comment is vital. Introductions can be crafted around common beliefs or ideas (“Many people seem to think that.”), or referencing the statement being discussed. Usually, a brief and relevant context provides a solid foundation for your comment.

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Presenting Your Argument

In your comment, you should present your viewpoint clearly. For example, phrases like “In my opinion, .” or “I strongly disagree with this concept of .” are very useful. Sometimes, posing a point as a rhetorical question can also make a strong impact.

Structuring Your Comment

When expressing your viewpoints:

  • Firstly, include a topic sentence that encapsulates the central idea that will be discussed in the paragraph.
  • Present your arguments effectively, using appropriate connectives and contrasting phrases.
  • Provide evidence or examples to support your arguments but remember to stick to one point per paragraph.
  • Ensure to have proper signposting for smooth transition between ideas.
  • In a balanced comment, your argument as well as counter-arguments should be provided.

The structure and flow of your comment significantly contribute to the effectiveness of your argument and the readability of your text.

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Making a Final Impression

The conclusion of the comment should be powerful and summarising. It should reiterate the main points of the discussion. Providing a solution or projecting possible outcomes if your proposed idea is implemented, can also be very effective in leaving a strong impression.


Delivering a strong comment requires careful thought on how to structure your argument, support it with evidence, and finally, how to conclude effectively. All this should be well-integrated with your viewpoints and inputs leading to a comment that is engaging, strong and effective, capable of making a meaningful contribution to the topic of discussion or discourse. Mastering the art of commenting therefore, is an asset for any individual, contributing to effective communication.

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