How Do You Begin a Eulogy for Your Dad?

Losing a parent is an emotionally taxing event, and writing a eulogy for your father adds a layer of complexity to the grieving process. A well-structured and heartfelt eulogy can ease this struggle, acting as a therapeutic outlet, and providing a meaningful tribute to your father’s life and legacy.

Beginning a Eulogy

1. Establishing Identity: Introducing yourself at the start of the eulogy helps to affirm your relationship with your father. This can be a simple statement such as “I am [your name], the son/daughter of [father’s name]”.

2. Launching with a Quote: Commencing with a poignant quote can invoke strong emotions, encapsulating your sentiments about your father’s life and your bond with him. Quotes from your father’s favorite books, songs, or simply a saying he was known for, can be a good starting point.

3. Bringing out Personal Experiences: Starting with a personal anecdote or a cherished memory about your father can be another great strategy. It personalizes the eulogy and stirs up emotions right at the onset.

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Writing Process

Brainstorming: Before you begin writing, collect your thoughts thoroughly. Pen down treasured memories, stories, and things you remember about your father’s character.

1. Conciseness: A eulogy should articulate your thoughts in a succinct manner.

2. Organize: Depending upon your eulogy’s theme and the info you intend to include, figure out a systematic layout for your eulogy.

3. Tone: Consistent tone helps in relaying your message effectively. While it is normal to maintain a somber tone, starting with a positive memory or statement about your father can enhance the emotional connect.


Recalling Memories:

1. Illuminate your dad’s life by recounting some of his most cherished moments.

2. Humor: Injecting humor in a respectful way can uplift the mood and humanize your father’s persona, showing a full-rounded version of him.

3. Detailing: Tiny, crucial details of who your father was, adds a touch of reality and helps in connecting with the audience emotionally.

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Practising and the Emotional strength

Practiced delivery of a eulogy can often ensure a more coherent speech. Rehearse several times before the funeral, with stress on the portions that you stumble upon. Maintaining emotional strength during this process is essential, but it is also okay to let your feelings flow.


On a final note, addressing your eulogy with heartfelt words expressing what your father meant to you and how much you will miss him gives closure to your tribute. Remember, the eulogy is not for everyone else, but for you, to remember, celebrate, and say your personal farewell to your father. Focus on his life’s joy and your relationship with him. This is your chance to tell the world how remarkable your father was and how much he will truly be missed.

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