How to Start an Email to a College Admissions Office Effectively?

The process of how to start an email to a college admissions office might seem daunting and intimidating. But, by following some basic guidelines, you can communicate effectively, confidently, and respectfully.

Reasons for Contacting the Admissions Office

There are generally three types of emails you might send to a college admissions office:

1. Enquiry Email: This is for when you need more information or have questions about the application process.

2. Thank You Email: Usually sent after an interview or meeting with the admissions office staff. It shows gratitude and leaves a good impression.

3. Continued Interest Email: This is for when you are wait-listed or deferred. It depicts your unabated enthusiasm and desire to attend the university.

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Research Before You Reach Out

Before reaching out to the admissions office, it’s imperative to do your research and only ask questions that are not readily available on the university’s website.

Key Steps in Writing the Email

Here are the key steps to follow when composing your email:

1. Find the Correct Contact Information: The university’s official website typically provides this.

2. Start with a Courteous Greeting: Use the admissions officer’s appropriate title and last name.

3. Give an Informative Introduction: Share your name and swiftly state your intent.

4. State Your Question or Concern: Be clear and direct when asking your question or stating your concern.

5. Express Gratitude and Sign Off: Thank the recipient for their time and sign off with a suitable closing sentence such as “Best Wishes,” and “Sincerely.”

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Email Etiquette

As crucial as emailing the admissions office can be in your college application process, bearing in mind the necessary email etiquette can make a significant difference. Here are some do’s and don’ts:

DO keep your tone professional.

DO use subject lines that are explicit about your email’s content.

DO keep it short, clear, and to the point.

DO use an email address that is a variation of your name for a professional touch.

DON’T use overly informal language or slang.

DON’T forget to edit your email thoroughly before sending it.

DON’T overload your email with too many questions.


The college admissions process can indeed be stressful, but communicating with the admissions office should not be. By adhering to the outlined steps and keeping in mind the quite simple do’s and don’ts, you are equipped to craft a succinct, polite, and compelling email to any college admissions office. With patience, determination, and an authentic approach, you are on your way to finding the right university for you.

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