How to Use ‘In Spite’ Correctly in a Sentence?

Learning how to correctly use certain words in a sentence is crucial to English language conveyance. One commonly queried word pairing is “in spite” or “in spite of”. This short guide aims to assist in the proper use of these words.

Understanding ‘Despite’ and ‘In Spite Of’

Despite and In spite of are prepositions with similar meanings – “regardless of” and “even though”. Essentially, they can be used interchangeably in a sentence without altering its meaning.

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Correct Usage of ‘Despite’ and ‘In Spite Of’

It’s typical to use these prepositions in a subordinate clause, to contrast with or complement information given in the main clause of a sentence. Here are some examples :

  • People still lined up for ice cream, in spite of the cold weather.
  • He managed to excel at his job, despite having no formal training.

Inappropriate Usage of ‘Despite’ and ‘In Spite Of’

Despite should only be written as a single word and never as “despite of”. In contrast, in spite of should always be written as three separate words, never “inspite of”.

  • Incorrect: She couldn’t sleep, despite of the medication.
  • Correct: She couldn’t sleep, despite the medication.
  • Incorrect: He completed his assignments on time, inspite of being unwell.
  • Correct: He completed his assignments on time, in spite of being unwell.
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The Variations of ‘In Spite Of’ and ‘Despite’

In some cases, phrases such as “in spite of oneself” and “despite oneself” are used when someone does something they did not intend to do. These phrases are acceptable and can be used with any reflexive pronoun.

  • She ended up laughing, in spite of herself.
  • He admitted his mistake, despite himself.


Getting adjusted to despite and in spite of can certainly elevate your English language expression. Both bring in a tone of contrast and can be very useful once mastered. Understanding when and how to use these words can improve both written and verbal communication skills.

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