How Do You Write 950 in Words for a Check?

Writing a check may often require you to write numbers in words. It can be a bit confusing, especially if you don’t do it very often. When it comes to writing a check for 950, you need to know the correct way to express this amount in words.

Writing 950 in Words for a Check

When writing out the number 950 on a check, you express it in words as “Nine Hundred Fifty“.

    • Start by writing the word “Nine” for the hundreds place value.
    • The next part of the number is “Hundred,” representing the hundreds place value.
    • Finally, write “Fifty” for the tens place value.

There is no need to write anything for the ones place value since it is zero.

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Placement on the Check

The written form of the number 950 should be located on the line that stretches across the center of the check. This line typically starts with the phrase “Pay to the Order of.” You should write “Nine Hundred Fifty” towards the end of this line.

If there’s a space left, draw a line to avoid anyone making unlawful changes.

Writing Numerical Amount on a Check

Apart from writing out the amount in words, the numerical representation of the amount should also be written on the check. You will see a box on the right side of the check where this is to be done. For the amount of 950, you will write it in the box simply as “950“.

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Ensuring Check Security

To prevent fraud or alterations, it’s best to ensure that there’s no room left after writing out the amount in words. Drawing a line from the end of the amount to the end of the field can effectively occupy the blank space.


Learning how to write the number 950 in words on a check ensures clarity and security. Remember, the number should be written as “Nine Hundred Fifty” with no “and” in the middle. Also, drawing a line after the written amount can protect you from fraud by forestalling unlawful changes.

By following these steps, you can confidently and correctly write a check for 950.

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