How Do You Write a Tongue-Involving Kissing Scene?

Writing a tantalizing kissing scene can be challenging, ultimately, it is about striking a balance between detailing the physical act and conveying the emotions felt by the characters. This guide intends to help you master the creation of a vivid and sensual kissing scene with tongue involvement, without resorting to clichéd phrases or overtly graphic description.

The Approach

  • Understatement is Key: A gentle suggestion of tongues is more appealing to readers. Rather than using clichéd phrases like “Our tongues battled for dominance”, a subtler depiction will stir the reader’s imagination more effectively. A good example would be – “Our lips met, parted slightly, allowing a chance for our tongues to gently explore.” The description should be about the warmth, the intimacy, rather than a battle for dominance.
  • No Over Floral Depictions: Avoid exaggerating tastes. Unless the character has just eaten a certain food, describing their lips as tasting like “peaches and honey” could be off-putting for readers. Instead, focus more on sensory experiences other than taste. Fuse this with other senses such as smell, touch, or even sound.
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Emphasize Emotions

  • Feeling Over Action: The best part of a good kiss, both in reality and fiction, is how it emotionally impacts the character. Describing the physical motions in too much detail can make a kissing scene awkward. Instead, highlight your character’s feelings during the kiss.

Borrow from The Masters

  • Learn from Classical Examples: Many works of literature offer vivid yet tasteful depictions of kiss scenes. Novels like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” or Hermanne Hesse’s “Siddhartha” offer inspiring examples of nuanced and evocative kiss scenes. Implementing their techniques can enhance the richness of your own descriptions.
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Work on Descriptive Variations

  • Use a Variety of Phrases: Be creative with your descriptions. Ensure each kiss scene is as unique and personalized as the relationship between the characters.

Description of French Kissing

  • Focus on the Sensory: French kissing, also known as cataglottism or deeper tongue kissing, is a kiss that induces sexual arousal due to the sensitivity of the lips, tongue, and mouth. While describing it, focus on the sensory stimulations rather than the technical aspects.


In conclusion, writing a compelling kissing scene involving tongues can be a delicate task. While the physical description is necessary, an overemphasis on it might detract from the emotional intensity. Maintain a balanced focus on the physical and emotional experiences and steer clear of clichés. Moreover, infusing own unique writing style can make the scene more gripping and engaging for the reader.

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