How Do You Write a Distinctive Zombie Story?

Writing a unique zombie story is an exciting creative challenge. There are countless approaches to transform the familiar theme of the undead into intriguing narratives that can keep readers on their toes. Let’s delve into some ways to make your zombie story a stand-out.

Picking a Unique Angle

Many zombie stories revolve around an apocalypse, but a unique story calls for a unique angle. You could introduce a twist to the classic zombie character, experiment with their levels of intelligence or abilities, or even create a scenario where the undead aren’t entirely the enemy, but rather an essential part of a transformed ecosystem.

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Experimenting with Different Characters

Instead of limiting your choice of protagonist to the stereotypical hardened survivor or hero, spin a different yarn with a protagonist from a lesser-explored background. Perhaps a child, a non-human entity, an elderly person, or even a reanimated individual. Their unique perspectives and challenges will inject your story with a fresh angle, making it more engaging.

Utilizing Varied Settings

While a post-apocalyptic world is a standard setting, unusual settings can greatly contribute to a unique zombie story. Imagine zombies in historical periods, non-urban locations, aboard a spacecraft, or even other planets. Tweaking the setting adds an extra layer of novelty to your narrative.


Choosing A Relevant Theme

In a zombie story, deeper themes give the narrative its heart and soul. Explore themes about humanity, moral choices, societal collapse, survival, the struggle for resources, and the enduring spirit of humanity amidst chaos.

Dealing with the Zombie Virus

The versatility of the zombie virus’ nature can open up many opportunities for the plot. Manipulate the strain of the virus, how it’s contracted, the implications of a bite, the process of turning, or even a potential cure. These elements can do more than just move your plot along, they can affect the overall tone of your story and its ultimate direction.

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While revamping the zombie genre, writers must maintain tension and suspense. Striking a balance between the horror elements with intricate character development and plot progression is challenging, but vital for an engaging story.


The zombie genre promises room for manifold permutations. Although reimagining it is a challenge, it provides plenty of space for creativity and exploration. By developing a unique angle, experimenting with characters and themes, and molding the elements of the zombie virus, you can pen a zombie story that is distinctive, engaging, and, above all, entirely your own.

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