How does AI Write Character Descriptions?

Creating compelling characters in AI platforms thrives on thorough character description. This involves detailing their attributes, behaviors, backgrounds, and conversation style to ensure consistency and contextually accurate interactions. A comprehensive character profile integrates meticulous descriptions with advanced settings for enhanced engagement.

Character Profile Composition

Character profiles on AI platforms predominantly contain sections for the character’s Name, Greeting, Short Description, Long Description, and Definition and Example Conversation. The Greeting offers a preliminary expression of the character, while the short description provides an overview of what the character encapsulates.

The Long Description is subtly more intricate – it allows you to narrate the character’s backstory, express their personality by establishing their traits, history, and noteworthy attributes that frame the character’s identity. To maximize the impact of your character definition, ensure to use JSON format that avails the opportunity to create complex characters.

For the AI to effectively comprehend the character, the first 3200 characters are critical. It’s advised to make sure that important details fall within this limit as exceeding it could risk rendering some of your character details ineffective.

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Character Traits and Behaviors

Aside from the technical aspects of character creation, there are elements of human characterization that can be incorporated to improve the likeness and relatability of your AI characters:

  • Physical Description: A well-detailed physical description, like hair color, height, clothing style, reveals a lot about the character’s identity and even their lifestyle.
  • Character Behavior: A character’s actions could speak louder than their words. The way they move, talk, and interact creates an undeniable impression about their temperament.
  • Interaction with Surroundings: How your character reacts and interacts with their environment also provides more depth to their personality.
  • Contradictions: Adding elements of surprise in your characters’ behaviors strengthens their depth and adds to their appeal – the unexpected traits make the character more fascinating.

Dialogue and Conversations

Having a well-defined character also reflects in their responses; hence, the Example Conversation is integral to your character description. Start all your dialogue using the syntax {{char}}: and mix dialogues with descriptive text to create rich conversations that do not break character. For clarity, stay consistent with the {{char}} and {{user}} syntax within your character chat to avoid any conversation misdirections.

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Simple Syntax Style

While JSON is the optimum format for character profile creation, the alternative syntax allows for simplicity. A mix of character description and attributes in this format provides quick, readable character profiles, especially for beginners.


In AI-generated narratives, character creation largely depends on comprehensive character descriptions. This involves detailed physical descriptions, elaborate explanation of behaviors, evidence of emotions, and dialogue examples. By keeping the important elements within the AI Model’s limit, and using simple yet effective syntax, you can ensure your characters lead enriching interactions in AI storylines, shaping compelling narratives.

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