How Do You Craft a Scene of Someone Getting Turned On?

Writing about characters experiencing attraction or sexual tension is sometimes a challenging topic. However, understanding the basics can greatly improve the way you present these moments. This guide explores helpful tips and strategies that can raise the temperature in your narrative more effectively.

Building Up The Attraction

  • Don’t rush it: Allow the attraction between your characters to build gradually. Use flirting, longing looks, or light physical contact before the characters fully express their feelings.
  • High stakes: Remember, if there’s no risk, there’s no real tension. The notion of jeopardizing something significant (friendships, career, safety) escalates the tension.
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Determine Wants and Needs

  • Character’s motive: It’s critical to establish what each character wants or why they want it. This layer of complexity creates conflict and tension in your narrative.
  • Build up sexual chemistry gradually: Don’t rush your characters into bed together. Let your reader see small actions that build anticipation.

Use of Body Language and Anticipation

  • Body language: Communication isn’t just through words. Brewing tension can be indicated using smouldering looks, subtle touches, or playful flirtation.
  • Build anticipation: Don’t allow characters to act on their desires too soon. Make them yearn for each other, raising the sexual tension level in your writing, leading to a greater payoff.”
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Writing Sexually Charged Dialogues

Incorporating sexually charged dialogues can enhance sexual tension between characters. Dialogues that are suggestive or flirty can contribute significantly to the mood. The use of dialogues that are reserved or unsaid can spike tension, making readers crave for more.

Establishing Boundaries and Authenticity

  • Setting boundaries: Make clear from the beginning certain lines your characters will not cross. This limitation can heighten the sexual tension.”},
  • Flawed characters: Making your characters relatable with believable flaws increases the sexual tension as they attempt to hide imperfections from each other.
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Writing about characters feeling attraction or ‘getting turned on’ requires a delicate mix of anticipation, conflict, chemistry and tangible stakes. By effectively using these elements, you can craft scenes full of passion, making your readers eager for what’s coming next. Remember to focus on characters’ emotional states and body language. This is the difference between writing a mundane scene and a passionate encounter. Get your readers deeply invested in your story and its characters with the correct use of atmosphere and tension.

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