How Does the Story of Faraway Wanderers Conclude?

Welcome to this guide where we will delve into the ending of Faraway Wanderers (also known as Tian Ya Ke), a popular Chinese novel written by Priest, and its live-action adaptation Word of Honor. This guide aims to provide clarity about the plot trajectory, differing elements in the narrative, and distinct conclusions of the novel and the drama series.

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Novel vs Live-Action: Elements of Variance

The narrative of Faraway Wanderers in the novel and live-action series follows largely similar trajectories but contains many plot differences. The characters retain their characteristics, and some are formatted more significantly in the storyline.

    • Zhou Zishu, the main character, is portrayed differently in the novel compared to the live-action.
    • Wen Kexing, while retaining his most characteristics, is made softer in the drama series vis-a-vis the novel.
    • The storyline deviates, especially towards the end.

Unraveling the Finale: Novel

In the novel, Faraway Wanderers, the finale introduces several scenarios and circumstances that form the narrative’s conclusion. With well-foreshadowed plot twists, the story provides a satisfying closure for keen readers.

    • Wen Kexing does not die in the novel. In contrast, he lives with Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling embracing a serene and peaceful life in the Four Seasons Manor.
    • The novel has a happy ending, providing a resolving note to the intense narrative.
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Unraveling the Finale: Drama

The drama, Word of Honor, takes a slightly different turn, adding an additional dose of suspense and surprise in the formation of the climax.

    • The drama ends with a hint of ambiguity, leaving the viewers conjecturing Zhou Zishu and Wen Kexing’s fate.
    • The drama concludes with an extra episode, which reaffirms Wen Kexing’s survival.
    • The series ends with WenZhou on a snowy mountain, suggesting their togetherness.


Understanding the ending of Faraway Wanderers (Tian Ya Ke) and its live-action adaptation Word of Honor can bring out a unique insight into the Chinese novel’s rich narrative and impactful conclusion. Despite the differences in the narrative’s progression and the character’s portrayals in the novel and drama, both formats maintain the storytelling’s essence, providing a remarkable reading and viewing experience.

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