How Does the Saga End? A Look at the Conclusion of Revenge of the Iron Blooded Sword Hound

For those who have been enticed by the compelling narrative of the web novel Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound, the manner in which the tale ends may be a topic of curiosity. This guide details the highlights and critical events of the series’ end, answering the question: “How does Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound end?”

Main Characters and their roles

  • Vikir Van Baskerville – The story’s primary figure, who traveled back in time following his execution and is bent on seeking revenge. He’s the Baskerville Clan’s ‘hound’, whose remarkable journey forms the narrative’s core.
  • Hugo – Initially a ruthless leader, Hugo transforms significantly over the course of the narrative, eventually making profound sacrificial choices.
  • The Ten Corpses – Ten Demon Kings are the main antagonists Vikir confronts. Each king has an artifact that mimics their abilities which Vikir collects after killing them.
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Arcs and Analysis of the plot

The narrative, which absorbs elements from popular series, is woven around the life of Vikir who after being falsely accused and executed, finds himself in his youthful body, resolved for revenge. The story includes various arcs: Baskerville, Barbarian, School, Tower, Prison and the Last Arc.

There are also several important scenes where Vikir’s character displays considerable power and valor. He dashed through the ‘legendary river’ and endured its powerful currents for seven minutes, gaining a tremendously powerful and hardy physique. The concept of ‘Experience’ or ‘Karma’ is introduced in the novel and plays a meaningful role in Vikir’s development by enhancing his combat skills.

Revenge Plot Outcome

The crux of the story involves the revenge plot which gets resolved in an intriguing manner. It’s disclosed that Vikir’s second brother, a demon, framed Vikir accounting for his downfall. However, Vikir’s transformation and his quest for retaliation take a fascinating turn. The revelation of the daughter’s kidnapping and the wife’s death alters Hugo’s attitude, leading to a change of heart. Hugo’s change from a ruthless leader to a loving grandpa is another fascinating twist in the narrative.

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The climax of Revenge of the Iron Blooded Sword Hound displays a series of fascinating events. How the narrative reaches its conclusion involves a heroic sacrifice by Hugo who uses the power of the ‘8 fangs’ to take down one of the ten demons. It’s only the Vikir, who was ‘dead’ in his previous life, can utilize the 8th Fang without laying down his life.


Revenge of the Iron-Blooded Sword Hound is indeed a captivating web novel with a varied blend of events, character progression, and unexpected twists leading to a satisfying conclusion. The finely knitted plot beautifully circles back to the early disturbing events leading to a conclusively satisfying end. While the narrative concludes on a solid note, it leaves the reader with much thought and reflection, contributing to its enduring appeal even beyond its closing chapter. Therefore, for those who wondered ‘How does Revenge of the Iron Blooded Sword Hound end?’, the unfolding of the story and the characters’ transformation provide a gratifying answer.

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