How Does the Book ‘The Perfect Marriage’ End?

“The Perfect Marriage” by Jeneva Rose is a riveting psychological thriller that centers around a seemingly perfect couple and a scandalous murder that sets the stage for an unexpected plot twist. In the heart of this captivating story are Sarah and Adam Morgan. Sarah, a respected criminal defense lawyer and Adam, a struggling author, share a life that is shattered when Adam gets charged with murder.

The Shocking Accusation:

During the couple’s 10th wedding anniversary, Adam meets his mistress, Kelly Summers, at their lake house The next morning, Kelly is found dead, stabbed multiple times Adam becomes the primary suspect and is subsequently charged with her murder

The plot thickens when it is revealed that Sarah decides to come to Adam’s defense

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Twisting the Tale:

Throughout the legal proceedings, Sarah’s actions and decision to defend Adam despite his infidelity seem noble. However, Adam’s trial lands him a conviction for double homicide – both of Kelly and her unborn child, implicating Adam facing the death penalty.

The Unexpected Plot Twist:

The narrative takes a sharp turn when the truth about Kelly’s murder comes to light. In an unexpected reveal, it is discovered that it’s actually Sarah who killed Kelly and framed Adam for it. Her accomplice in this unfathomable act is a member of her law firm, Nicholas Robert Miller, aka Bob, who happens to be the brother of Kelly’s former husband.



It is in the book’s conclusion, right before Adam’s execution, that the entire plot is brutally laid out. Adam’s last moments are filled with the shocking realization that he has been framed by his own wife. The book ends with Sarah leaving the execution, revealing that she and Bob are planning to marry and already have a child together. Moreover, it is revealed that Sarah herself killed her own mother. This plot twist fundamentally changes the reader’s view of Sarah and completes the narrative arc of “The Perfect Marriage”.

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