How Many Chapters are Included in the SSS Class Suicide Hunter Novel?

Many may wonder about the captivating Korean novel, SSS-Class Suicide Hunter, specifically its length in terms of chapters. Well, the exploration of this matter ends here as it is confirmed that the novel contains an impressive total of 400 chapters.

Exploring SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

The narrative of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is divided into 16 volumes. Each volume encompasses a unique piece of the overarching story, allowing the reader to get absorbed into the captivating melodrama that unfolds with each chapter.

  • Volume 1 is where the journey begins, introducing characters and laying the foundations of the plot.
  • Each subsequent volume, from Volume 2 to Volume 15, unfolds new developments, challenges, and turning points in the narrative, keeping the reader captivated.
  • The climax culminates in Volume 16, rounding off the intriguing tale of the SSS-class suicide hunter.
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A Look into the Plot

This masterpiece of a novel features Kim Gongja, who enters a mysterious multi-dimensional structure known as the Tower. He is provided an S-Rank skill by the Tower, which only works when he dies. This novel showcases Kim’s journey of dying multiple times, over 4000 in fact, to seek revenge against a murderer and to reach the top of the Tower.

Shift in Title

Interesting enough, the title of this novel underwent a change on April 27, 2021. This led to the dynamic transformation of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter into an alternative title SSS-Class Hunter Who Lives Only To Die, which was officially released on May 14 of the same year.

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To summarize, SSS-Class Suicide Hunter (also known under its alternative title), is a comprehensive read with 400 chapters. The chapters are smartly divided into 16 volumes for a structured and adventure-filled reading experience. With its fascinating narrative and plot twists, this novel indisputably offers an unforgettable journey into a world of mystery, survival, and immense courage.

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