How Many Chapters Does the Swallowed Star Novel Have?

If you’re searching for information on the number of chapters in the Swallowed Star novel, look no further. This guide shares the essential details about the length and structure of this highly acclaimed Chinese web novel.

Number of chapters in Swallowed Star

The Swallowed Star novel written by I Eat Tomatoes has a considerable length. The book contains a total of 1486 chapters. This full count corresponds to the completed original version.

It’s important to note that the pace of story progression can vary from chapter to chapter.

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What to Expect?

    • Swallowed Star is categorized as a Sci-fi, Action, Adventure, Xuanhuan, Fantasy, and Martial arts novel. It’s a packed genre mixture that keeps readers constantly engaged.
    • The protagonist of the novel is Luo Feng, who navigates through a post-apocalyptic world filled with intelligent monsters. His journey from an ordinary individual to a superhuman warrior forms the crux of the story.
    • The story unfolds through volumes that encompass several chapters each. The journey of Luo Feng and his interactions with various characters are beautifully expressed through these chapters.

Translations and Adaptations

The English translations of Swallowed Star have made it accessible to a broader reader base, maintaining the essence of the story. Elements such as the character development, plot depth, and thematic expression remain intact in the translated versions. The novel also inspires numerous adaptations in the realms of Manhua, Donghua, and live-action series, respectively.

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The novella Swallowed Star stands out with its expansive narrative and intricate plot. With a total of 1486 chapters, it offers an immersive reading experience. Whether you’re a fan of action, adventure, or martial arts, the unique blend of genres in this novel will surely captivate your attention.

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