How Many Chapters Does ‘The Beginning After The End’ Novel Start With?

A time-honored query amongst devoted readers, the total number of chapters in the well-received novel, “The Beginning After The End,” invokes curiosity. This highly popular light novel is noted for its engaging themes and a captivating storytelling style.

The Web Novel and the WebComic Versions

Originally born as a web novel, “The Beginning After The End” has not only made its mark in the world of literature but also extended its influence to the realm of webcomics. Understanding the difference and correlation between the web novel and the webcomic versions proves crucial to answering your question.

  • The web novel version currently has 483 chapters translated, with more still on the way.
  • Webcomic fans must note that it is presently aligned to roughly volume 4 of the web novel version.
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The Point of Divergence

The two versions share more than just the common elements of plot and characters; the webcomic offers a visual representation of the initial stages of the story, following the web novel closely. Yet, keen observers of this tale should realize its divergence:

  • Starting from Chapter 90, the light novel begins to diverge from the webcomic’s storyline.
  • The comic has approximately 154 chapters, roughly equivalent to the first 112 chapters of the web novel.

Necessary Bridge

For fans who have devoured all the webcomic chapters and are eager for more, it might seem challenging to decide where to start reading the light novel version. The solution, however, is straightforward:

  • If transitioning from the webcomic to the light novel, starting from Chapter 90 of the latter will allow a smooth continuity of the storyline.
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Estimated Total Chapters

The accurate estimate of the total chapters is a tricky endeavor, especially as the original web novel is still ongoing. However, various predictions indicate:

  • Assuming one episode corresponds to one chapter of the web novel, the comic might have around 540 chapters by the time it catches up to the current web novel progress.
  • If the producing team maintains a weekly release, it would take approximately 7.4 years to reach the current point of the web novel version.

Consider Future Developments

One must consider future developments and updates in their understanding, as the web novel is still ongoing with 1-2 more volumes confirmed:

  • Given the substantial length of the more recent volumes and the evolving pace of the story, the count of chapters in the web novel could rise even further in the future.
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Determining the exact count of the novel’s chapters can be a challenge, taking into account the ongoing status of the web novel and the disparity between the webcomic and novel’s narrative pace. Yet, the information gathered so far gives promising estimates. Combining this understanding with the joy of witnessing the tale unfold makes the journey of exploring “The Beginning After The End” a rewarding literary adventure.

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