How Many Chapters are There in ‘Not Your Typical Reincarnation’ Book?

The book titled “Not Your Typical Reincarnation” is a popular romance webtoon that has gained recognition for its unique plot and intriguing characters. This guide will provide details about the number of chapters in this novel alongside some specifics about its storyline.

About ‘Not Your Typical Reincarnation Story’

Revolving around the life of Edith Rigelhof, a villainess from a favorite novel reincarnated by Suna Choi, “Not Your Typical Reincarnation” narrates an unusual love story. Despite being viewed as the antagonist from the original story, Edith captivates readers with her kindness and determination to change her fate.

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Chapters and Updates

The novel is currently released in the form of webtoons, with releases typically every Tuesday. However, it is important to note that the total number of chapters can vary based on different releases and formats. Information about the number of chapters is sometimes not straightforward.

As of the latest available details, the English version on webtoon is up to chapter 46, as seen in the release from June 17, 2024, with potentially more chapters released thereafter.

The Plot: A Peek into the Storyline

Edith is presented as a compassionate character that strikes a chord with readers due to her resilient personality despite being branded as a villain. The intensity of her story, her struggles with family feuds and love triangles, and her journey towards finding her happy ending keep readers hooked.

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The Appeal of the Novel

Readers are drawn towards the book primarily because of its unique twist on the usual reincarnation trope, presenting a different approach to the much-loved genre. Despite initial misgivings, many readers find themselves invested in the characters and the storyline, leading to a growing fan base for this novel.


The total number of chapters for “Not Your Typical Reincarnation” can vary, and it is best to keep up with updates on the official platforms for the most accurate information. Regardless, the intriguing storyline and well-developed characters make it a worthwhile read for those interested in unique reincarnation tales.

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