How Many Chapters Does the Book ‘Overgeared’ Have?

Overgeared is a popular ongoing Korean fantasy VRMMORPG novel series written by Park Saenal. Published initially in Korean and later translated into English, the series has since gained a massive global following. It is centered around a virtual reality game, Satisfy, and the journey of the main character Grid who discovers the Northern End Cave and becomes a legendary class player.

Chapters and Volumes

As of recent updates, the English version of the novel contains over 1400 non-VIP chapters. The original version, however, significantly exceeds this number. By 2014, it encapsulated 66 complete volumes and over 1421 chapters, and was still in the process of publishing an additional volume.

Later sources suggest that Overgeared is not only still ongoing but has amassed a staggering 2059 chapters overall, neatly bundled into over 81 complete volumes.

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The Pace of Publication

The pace at which new chapters are released is also a key piece of information. For instance, the translation runs at an approximate pace of 4 chapters per week. Identifying stationarity can help fans estimate how quickly they could catch up to the most recent chapters or anticipate when new content might be out.

Story Structure

Overgeared, as a novel series, unfolds in a manner similar to other virtual reality novels. It begins with a character who may seem repulsive due to his nature but, through a series of events and encounters, matures as a person, becoming more acceptable to the reader. With continuous development, the novel takes an exciting turn, making the character’s previous personality almost unrecognizable to the readers.

The character’s growth, coupled with the vivid depiction of the game world where the progression of existing players spike with the character’s advancement, keeps the reader committed to the storyline.

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Language Versions

Overgeared has been translated into multiple languages, both officially and unofficially, by various translators. The English version, which began publishing on Wuxiaworld, is a popular choice for international readers.


The number of chapters in Overgeared can be confusing due to the ongoing releases and differing counts between the original Korean version and other translated versions. As of the latest data, however, the count stands over 2059 chapters in 81 complete volumes, indicating an enticing journey for new readers planning to venture into this enthralling virtual reality novel world.

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