How Many Chapters Are Found in ‘When There is Nothing Left But Love’?

In our quest to find out the number of chapters in the novel When There Is Nothing Left But Love, we did a thorough online search to gather pertinent details. However, our research did not yield a specific number of chapters in the said book. It appears that the mentioned book is somewhat obscure and the exact number of chapters was not stated in the sources.

Misleading Information

During our research, various sources cited details for other books which could lead to confusion. One detailed description concerned a book titled All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks. This book contains thirteen chapters which focus on various aspects of love.

Another book titled How to Do Nothing also surfaced in the search, presenting a structure of six chapters which critically discuss the influence of social media and productivity.


Avoiding Confusion

To prevent further confusion, remember that:

  • The book How to Do Nothing has six chapters.
  • The book All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks has thirteen chapters.
  • The book Love and Other Words is divided into 46 chapters, although this is not the title we’re searching for.
  • When There Is Nothing Left But Love is a separate book, and we could not find the concrete number of chapters in it.


In conclusion, the precise number of chapters in the book When There Is Nothing Left But Love remains unclear due to the lack of detailed information found in the sources. However, don’t let this discourage you from reading it! Many great works of literature often defy simple quantification, and the journey they provide can well be worth the uncertainty. Just remember not to confuse it with the other books mentioned above which vary widely in their number of chapters. Happy reading!

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