How Many Chapters Are There in the Novel ‘The Abandoned Wife’?

The novel “The Abandoned Wife” has piqued the curiosity of many readers who are interested in stories with dynamic character development and engaging plotlines. If you are one of these readers, this guide is for you. Here, we’ll discuss the key details about the book to help you comprehend its narrative better.

The Storyline

Set in a relatable realm, the plot focuses on the protagonist, Megan, and her challenging love journey. After the death of her father-in-law, she anticipates an imminent divorce from her husband Rich, who was then free to marry his dream girl, Liana. However, as Megan embarks on a new journey, Rich soon regrets his decision.

This transformational narrative offers insightful perspectives on resilience and personal growth amid adversity.

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The Number of Chapters

For those searching about the number of chapters in “The Abandoned Wife,” your wait is over. The novel consists of 26 chapters in total. The division of the narrative into these chapters facilitates smooth progression through the intricate turns of the story.

The Characters

The main characters in the novel include:

  • Megan: The protagonist, a passionate woman who gives her all in love. When her love isn’t requited, she experiences despair. Despite that, she’s a hardworking woman who will do anything to secure her child’s welfare.

  • Rich: From the reputable Wayne family, Rich is the son of a Major General. Despite his prideful demeanor, he has the capability for self-criticism. This attribute allows him to see past his ego and appreciate Megan’s worth.

  • Liana: A character who provides a lot of conflict in the story. She is, in many ways, the obstacle between Megan and Rich’s romance and reconciliation.

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“The Abandoned Wife” is rich in themes, the most prominent ones being resilience and personal growth despite traumatic experiences. The novel examines these themes through Megan’s life. It portrays a perfect example of how a person can transform adversity into an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.


In conclusion, “The Abandoned Wife” stands as a captivating tale of love, resilience, and personal growth. Through its 26 chapter-length, readers get to explore the characters’ world and experience with Megan, Rich, and Liana’s complex relationships. The strong themes laid out in this memorable text continue to draw readers and provide them an immersive and emotional literary experience.

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