How Many Chapters Does the Book ‘Shadow Slave’ Have?

The novel Shadow Slave authored by Guiltythree has garnered significant attention for its riveting story and compelling world-building. A frequently asked question about this novel is regarding the number of chapters Shadow Slave has.

About Shadow Slave

Currently, Shadow Slave is an ongoing novel, meaning the author is still actively releasing new chapters. The protagonist, named Sunless, showcases his wits by maneuvering harsh scenarios, capturing reader’s attention and keeping them intrigued. Moreover, the reviews and discussions around the novel indicates its growing popularity amongst the reading community.

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Number of Chapters in Shadow Slave

The precise number of chapters in this novel can vary as the author is still in the process of writing the story. As of May 30, 2024, the latest information available reveals that 1654 chapters of Shadow Slave have been released. Debating from the narratives and storytelling pace, the story seems far from over.

It also appears that the author intends to unfold the plot further, so readers can expect more thrilling chapters.

Release Schedule

It is important to note that the number of chapters can change due to the regular release of new ones. I should also mention that the novel has a consistent release schedule, contributing to the steady increase of the chapters over time. Specifically, it is observed that two chapters of the novel are released daily, giving the readers constant content to dive into and making the entire reading experience enjoyable.



To sum up, Shadow Slave is an ongoing novel with an intriguing premise, relatable characters, and a meticulously designed world. As of the latest update, the novel consists of 1654 chapters and this number is likely to keep growing owing to the continual release of new chapters. For fans and new readers alike, Shadow Slave promises a captivating journey that keeps them coming back for more. Just remember, the joy of reading lies not in counting chapters but immersing oneself in the carefully crafted world of fantasy. Happy reading!

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