Unraveling Maxi’s Age from ‘Under the Oak Tree’

Have you ever wondered about the age of Maximilian, often referred to as Maxi, from the novel Under the Oak Tree? This guide provides the answer along with some fascinating details about her character.

Maximilian’s Age in the Books

Fans of the novel series Under the Oak Tree know Maximilian as the protagonist who undergoes a remarkable transformation. In Book 1, she is 22 years old and by the time we reach Book 2, she evolves into a 26-year-old woman.

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Role and Development

At the age of 22, Maximilian is married off to Riftan, leading to her becoming the lady of Anatol due to her father’s manipulation. Along the progression of the story, Maximilian develops a desire to study magic. Her ventures introduce her to Ruth, who becomes her mentor. By the end stages of Book 1, Maximilian actively begins her study of magic in the World Tower on the island of Nornui. She eventually gets officially acknowledged as an earth-attribute wizard during Book 2.

Physical Appearance

Maxi is described as thin and short, with a delicate build, often compared to a doll. Striking features include her large, downturned grey eyes and wavy long red hair that reaches her lower back. Her hair has a unique quality of appearing dark purple in the night and gleaming red when exposed to sunlight.

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In culmination, Maximilian or Maxi from the Under the Oak Tree novel series is a well-rounded character, exhibiting a rich development arc across the books. From a 22-year-old lady of Anatol to a mature 26-year-old earth wizard, her journey is a testament to her resilience and determination. So, if you ever come across another query about her age, refer to this guide for the accurate answer!

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