Exploring Ikki Kurogane’s Strength in the Light Novel

In the world of light novels, few characters are as intriguing or complex as Ikki Kurogane. This protagonist from the novel series ‘Chivalry of a Failed Knight’ has caught the attention of readers around the world with his determination, perseverance, and sheer power. But just how strong is he? To understand this, we need to delve into the specifics of his character.

Physical Abilities of Ikki

  • Immense Strength: Ikki possesses exceptional physical power due to a rigorous training regimen. His physical strength is high enough to outperform other stronger Blazers.
  • Speed and Reflexes: His intensive training has endowed him with remarkable speed and reflexes, allowing him to dodge and counterattack with ease.
  • Stamina: Ikki can sustain long and arduous fights, outlasting his opponents with his incredible stamina.
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Special Skills and Techniques

  • Martial arts and Swordsmanship: Ikki is proficient in different martial arts, mainly focusing on swordsmanship. Notably, he has mastered over a hundred different sword styles.
  • Mana Manipulation: Ikki possesses impressive mana manipulation skills, a crucial power that compensates his initially low Mana.
  • Noble Art: His noble art, where he accumulates all his body’s energy and stamina for a temporary surge in power, allows him tremendous strength, albeit for a short time.

Special Traits

  • Fate: As dictated by the concept of fate in the series, every being has a certain fate, which is directly proportional to their power. Characters like Stella possess greater fates, and thus, are stronger. As evident from the series, Ikki has managed to defy his fate and reach new heights.
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Ikki vs Other Characters

  • Versus Edelweiss: In light of the character Edelweiss, who’s the world’s strongest swordsman, despite Ikki’s incredible strength, Edelweiss is one character whose strength and swordsmanship surpass his, particularly due to her Twin Wings Style technique.
  • Versus Stella: In fights against Stella, despite Stella’s superior fate and power of Dragon Spirit, he holds his own. Stella’s Dragon Spirit has given Ikki significant tactical challenges, yet he remains tenacious and resourceful.


In conclusion, Ikki Kurogane is an exceptionally strong character, with immense physical strength, speed, and remarkable skills in martial arts and swordsmanship. He has shown resilience and resourcefulness in numerous duels, demonstrating his ability to face stronger opponents. While there are characters in light novels that outmatch him in some ways, Ikki’s unique abilities and undying determination make him formidable and a testament to his inherent strength.

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