How to Effectively Write a Personal Statement for Your VA Claim?

Writing a personal statement for a VA claim necessitates presenting your case in a plausible, coherent, and attention-getting manner. With a well-written statement, you provide detailed information concerning your individual disability condition and portray a vivid picture of your everyday life impacted by this disability.

Establishing your Claim

In your statement, start by listing the name of the VA Disability you’re claiming. Follow this with providing the approximate timeframe your VA Disability began, explaining why it should be service-connected or why your VA rating should be increased for conditions already service connected.

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Detailing Your Symptoms

To ensure your claim is understood, list the current symptoms of your VA Disability in terms of frequency, severity and duration over time. Rather than generalizing, mention specific symptoms that your condition may cause or contribute to. This provides a clear, accurate account of how the disability affects you.

Impacts on Your Life and Work

Similarly, illustrate how your VA Disability negatively impacts your work, life and social functioning. Here, you may use specific examples. Think about your statement as a way to paint a vivid picture of your daily struggles if your disability has worsened over time.

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Ensure Reason and Clarity

Your statement should have a clear purpose. Whether it’s for the purposes of service-connection or an increased rating, tailor your statement to address the claim you’re filing. Describe events, symptoms, and impacts with as much detail as possible, while avoiding unnecessary information.

Providing Testimonials and References

Statements from your family, friends, and fellow service members can reinforce your claim. These testimonials provide additional perspectives on your condition and its effects on your life, making your claim more relatable and understandable.

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Revision and Review

Before submitting, review your statement for clarity and completeness. Remember that your voice matters substantially in the VA claim process, and a well-crafted, comprehensive statement can potentially make a significant difference in your claim.


Crafting a VA personal statement may seem challenging but is potentially rewarding in strengthening your VA disability claim. The process lets you share your experiences and detail the impacts of your disability on your life. This comprehensive guide should equip you to create a compelling and impactful personal statement, leveraging your experiences to support your claim effectively.

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