How to Expertly Script Your Shift Schedule?

Shifting reality is a fascinating phenomenon where one’s consciousness is transported from their current reality (CR) to their desired reality (DR). Believers of this concept claim to shift into realities where they can be whoever they want and realize their deepest desires. The mechanism extensively relies on scripting – the process of detailing your DR, meditating, and then using a shifting method.

Here is a guide to assist newcomers in scripting their very own DR.

Getting Started with Scripting

The aim of scripting is to refine the specific reality you wish to shift into, as there are infinite possibilities. It’s essential to write it in present tense to trick your brain into believing that it is currently happening, which facilitates shifting. There are no fixed rules since this is your personal narrative.

You can decide if you want a story with immense detailing or keep it brief. You can write your script anywhere, from a page in a journal to your phone’s notes application.

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Key Elements to Script

There are essential details to include while scripting. Here are some of them:

  • Defining Yourself: Include details like your name, age, ethnicity, nationality, appearance, personality, and mannerisms. Provide close attention to your skills, interests, dreams, and fears.
  • Settings: Describe the environment you desire, including your home, education, occupation.
  • Abilities: If you wish for any super abilities, make sure to define their limitations too.
  • Social Circle: Details about the relationships you have or wish to have, such as families, friends, and lovers.
  • Everyday Events: It’d help if you scripted how your days would be. Want a specific thing to happen on a particular day? Put it in your script.

Ensure Safety and Comfort

You must ensure your safety in your DR by scripting that you are safe there, and cannot die or feel pain. Choose an action or code phrase that will transport you back to your CR in case you wish to leave. Scripting such safety elements protects you from any potential dangers that may occur.

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Choosing a Shifting Method

There are numerous methods available to visualize your DR. These methods usually require you to either fall asleep or stay awake. Recognizing the symptoms of shifting is crucial and could include weightlessness or heaviness, tingliness, or feeling as though you’re spinning.

When you notice these, remain calm and focus on visualization.


Shifting is a personal journey and varies from person to person. This guide gives an overview of essential points to include while scripting your DR. Remember, you don’t need to adhere to this guide strictly. Consider it as a framework and customize your script to best suit you. Don’t be quick to rule out the process if you don’t succeed initially. Shifting requires practice, so relax and give it time. Be patient with yourself, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Happy Shifting!

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