How Can You Write Blog Posts Faster?

Writing blog posts faster without compromising the quality can significantly maximize your productivity. The key to this involves a series of steps starting from comprehensive keyword research to effectively using AI tools and ultimately, proficient editing.

Efficient Keyword Research

The writing process begins with the apt keyword search. A tool like Semrush’s Keyword Overview can significantly speed up this process by not only analyzing the target keyword but also by finding related ones. You’ll then see useful metrics such as search volume and keyword difficulty.

Aim for high search volume with low keyword difficulty.

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Preparation before Writing

Before the writing process commences, gather all the data and quotes that you’ll need. Rely on reputable sources for statistics and insights. Assembling a database of trustworthy sources will save time in the long haul.


Making an outline helps in organizing your article. Outline your post’s major and minor points, possible illustrations, and any other relevant details. Effective outlining can minimize the friction from the writing stage, making it sharper and faster.

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First Draft Creation

In the process of writing the first draft, pay less attention to editing and spend more energy on getting your ideas recorded. Use tools like ContentShake AI to expedite your writing process. Accessible within the Semrush dashboard, the tool can automatically provide ideas for your first draft.

Improving Typing Speed

Speed matters in blogging. You can improve your typing speed with practice or use dictation tools. Remember to speak slowly and clearly if you’re using a dictation tool to manage mistakes.

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Editing and SEO Checklist

Editing is not merely proof-reading for spelling and grammar errors. It is also ensuring the inclusion of all primary and secondary keywords, verifying SEO-friendly URL slugs, and proper header tag usage. Use tools like SEO Writing Assistant for more efficient editing.

Content Calendar and Blog Post Templates

A content calendar can help manage your writing deadlines and keep your content production on schedule. Use blog post templates for each type of post you regularly write. Using templates can expedite your writing process greatly.

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If necessary, consider outsourcing your content creation. If you lack the necessary writing skills or if the volume of writing exceeds your bandwidth, this could be an effective strategy provided it’s done right.


Writing blog posts faster doesn’t need to entail sacrificing quality. Efficient keyword research, use of the right tools, cutting-edge AI assistance, and strategic editing are all crucial. Adopting these proven methods can significantly boost your content delivery rate while maintaining a high standard of blog posts.

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