How to Write Text in GoodNotes: Step-by-Step Instructions?

Transforming handwritten notes to text is an efficient way to make your notes more legible and shareable. With the right software, this process becomes effortless and fast. In this guide, we will focus on one such tool, known as Goodnotes, which allows you to convert your handwritten notes to digital text on your iPad.

Converting Handwritten Notes to Text in GoodNotes

  • Use the Lasso Tool: Goodnotes features the Lasso Tool, which is the first step to convert your handwritten notes. Select the tool from the toolbar and circle the specific handwritten text you wish to convert.
  • Convert to Text: Once your handwriting is selected, tap on the selection and navigate to ‘Convert’ > ‘Text’, this will effectively convert your handwriting to digital text.
  • Math Equation Conversion: If you’re handling mathematical equations, Goodnotes allows you to convert these equations into type text, a feature that proves invaluable for mathematicians, students, and professionals alike.
  • Edit Before Final Conversion: Goodnotes allows you to edit spelling errors before the final conversion ensuring your converted text is correct and free from mistakes.
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Optimizing Your Converted Text

  • Adjust Text Size, Font and Style: After conversion, Goodnotes provides robust text tools that allow you to double-tap the converted text to select it all and then adjust the size, font, and style to match your individual preferences.

Advanced Setting in GoodNotes

  • Lasso Tool Customization: In the event your notes encompass several layers of content like images, text, highlights, and drawings, it’s possible to choose what you want to select using the Lasso Tool by toggling off options like ‘Handwriting,’ ‘Images,’ or ‘Text Boxes’.
  • Improve Handwriting Recognition: Goodnotes employs artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize your handwriting. By ensuring your handwritten notes do not overlap, GoodNotes learns your writing style faster, thus enhancing the accuracy of conversion.
  • Custom Templates: You can upload your custom templates in PDF format to enhance your note-taking in Goodnotes.
  • Export Converted Text: Once your text has been converted, it’s possible to export it as a PDF or in the native Goodnotes format, although the latter can only be opened in Goodnotes.
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Additional Tips

  • Organize Your Notes: Make use of folders within the Goodnotes library to store and neatly arrange your documents.
  • Efficiency and Accessibility: Transforming handwritten notes to digital text not only improves readability but also allows your notes to be edited in any text editor and shared across various platforms.


Digitizing handwritten notes with Goodnotes enhances your ability to study, reference your notes, and share them more efficiently. By leveraging advanced features like the Lasso Tool and character recognition, note-taking is transformed from a mundane task to an interactive, engaging, and productive activity.

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