How Should a Groom Write His Wedding Vows?

Writing your own wedding vows as a groom can indeed be challenging. However, it adds a deeply personal touch to the big day. Here’s a simple guide to lend a hand through this artistic process.

Seek Inspiration

Start with some research to find inspiration. Traditional religious vows, literary quotes, and even lines from your favorite movies can serve as starting points. The internet is a treasure trove filled with examples and ideas that you can draw from.

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Agree on Format and Tone

Discuss with your fiancée the tone and format you both want for your vows. Whether you want them to be humorous, poetic, or a mix of both, decide together. Discussing the logistics, like whether you’ll write your vows separately or together, will also be helpful.

Important Promises and Notes

  • Include a promise or a few – but ensure they are feasible ones.
  • Specific promises to the two of you, like “I promise to kiss you every night before bed” can add a unique spark.
  • If possible, reflect on your relationship as it can help generate ideas.
  • Think about what made you fall in love, the memorable times spent together, and when you knew you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together.
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Avoid Clichés and Embarrassments

Incorporating quotes and lines from literature and movies add a romantic tune but avoid letting them overpower your own words. Avoid cliches and anything that might appear difficult for others to understand or get embarrassed by.

Keep it Concise

Remember, your speech should be direct and concise. Picking the most important points and expressing them is the key.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Practising your vows out loud will make sure they roll off the tongue easily. Listen out for any tongue-twisters and overly long sentences, then shorten them.

Final Copy

Ensure the copy you are going to read from is legible. Even if you are working on it until the last minute, use a fresh paper that does not have any notes or cross-outs. Consider how it will present in photos – many choose to recite from a clean note card or a little notebook that matches the wedding colour scheme.

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Writing your wedding vows does not have to be a daunting task with these steps. Remember, these vows come from you, symbolizing your commitment and love for your partner. Make them special, make them unique, but most importantly – make them true to you.

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