Is ‘Begin Again’ a Good Book to Dive Into?

If you’re looking for an entertaining read that will make you both laugh and cry, then Begin Again by Emma Lord is a book well worth considering. In this guide, we will provide you with a comprehensive analysis, allowing you to decide if it’s the next addition to your reading list.

About Begin Again

First published on January 24, 2023, Begin Again is a novel that explores the themes of love, friendship, self-discovery, and resilience. Geared towards young adult readers, the story is set in a collegiate backdrop with college-aged characters, making it relatable and appealing to older teens and young adults. It centers on the lead character, Andie Rose, as she navigates her way through the complexities of her life in college.

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The characters in Begin Again are carefully crafted and relatable. Each one, including the strong-willed Andie Rose, her friends, and the alluring Residential Assistant, Milo, contribute to making the story more engaging and realistic.

Literary Value

Begin Again combines humor, well-timed twists, and emotional moments to present a heartwarming and inspiring coming-of-age tale. This dualism of light-hearted and serious tones opens a platform for readers to gain insights and understanding about life.

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Critical Reception

  • Good messages and great role models were reflected in the reviews from readers.
  • Begin Again is lauded as a fun and engaging read that is hard to put down, making it a favorite among young adult fans.
  • There are instances of swearing and references to drinking that might not suit younger readers, but the engagements of the characters with these circumstances present learning experiences.


Begin Again features a “Just Kiss Already!” romance that adds a layer of sweetness to the novel. With slow-burning romance between Andie and Milo, the story ticks boxes for romance-loving readers.

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Hitting on wide-ranging themes, Begin Again discusses grief, love, self-discovery, and personal journey. It presents various situations that young people often encounter, such as adjusting to a new school and dealing with past issues.


From the elaborate character—to the engaging story line, Begin Again by Emma Lord is a delight for every reader, especially those in the Young Adult demographic. The story manages to convey a profound message about life without losing its light-hearted elements. Whether you are a die-hard fan of YA books or just starting to explore this genre, you are very likely to enjoy reading Begin Again.

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