Is ‘Behind Her Eyes’ Book Truly a Scary Read?

If you’re seeking a novel full of riveting tension, unexpected twists, and a sprinkle of the supernatural, Behind Her Eyes might just be for you. Penned by Sarah Pinborough, the book uniquely merges distinct genres – a thrilling psychological mystery intertwined with subtly eerie elements – which sparks debate: Is it scary?

An Intriguing Plot with Multiple Layers

Behind Her Eyes is built around a peculiar love triangle involving characters Louise, a single mom and secretary; David, Louise’s Psychiatrist boss; and Adele, David’s wife. The book’s plot revolves around Louise embroiling herself in an affair with her new boss, David, and developing an uncanny friendship with his wife, Adele. Louise becomes ensnared in a web of dark secrets as the lines between trust, deceit, and supernatural reality start blurring.

  • Louise: A single mom drawn to David but fighting her own demons of night terrors.
  • David: A psychiatrist with a complicated marriage and unspoken secrets.
  • Adele: David’s wife, who is fragile and possesses an air of mystery with a past that unfolds gradually.
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The Sense of Dread and Supernatural Elements

In Behind Her Eyes, the sense of dread and suspense escalates throughout. Pinborough’s ingenious narrative style with dual perspectives ensures readers feel eerie apprehension, contributing to the ‘scariness’. As the story advances, the concept of lucid dreaming and astral projection comes into play.

The chilling factor elevates as the characters manipulate these practices, leading to uncanny and mind-bending scenarios.

Twisting the Ordinary

The novel morphs from being a straightforward psychological thriller into a story with supernatural facets, arguably pushing the boundaries of the genre. The book’s first major twist might feel creepy yet is not entirely unforeseen. But as the narrative proceeds, latent revelations like body-swap and soul-trapping take the scare quotient through the roof, making the reader reassess every piece of information dished out until that point.

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The #WTFThatEnding

Labelled by its publisher as #WTFthatending, the final twist is an absolute stunner, pushing the narrative fully into the realm of psychological horror. Not everyone may find this scary, but it indeed is shocking and unexpected. It’s so abrupt it’ll compel readers to revisit the entire novel, seeking clues that might hint at this bizarre conclusion.


So, is Behind Her Eyes a scary book? It unquestionably teems with moments of dread and anticipation fuelled by mysterious characters and their actions. The dramatic twists and the gradual infusion of supernatural elements do instil a sense of fear. However, much of the ‘scariness’ emerges from the book’s psychological and supernatural twists rather than traditional horror elements. It verges more on the unsettling – a threat lurking below the ordinary, turning the story darker and more ominous. Behind Her Eyes, thus, is mostly thrilling and suspenseful with a tinge of the ‘scary’ furnished by the mind-boggling supernatural aspects.

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