Is the Book ‘Bunny’ Truly Scary?

With an immersive narrative and a blend of several genres, Bunny is a novel by Mona Awad. It explores themes of personal identity, friendship, and creativity within an academic setting. The book naturally piques curiosity but is it scary? Let’s evaluate that.

Unsettling Atmosphere

The book features an unsettling and dark atmosphere. The story’s setting at a fictional university and a highly intimate group dubbed the Bunnies adds to the eerie nature of the book. It’s basically a ‘horror-tinted, gothic fairy tale’.

It is rich in images that might seem odd and slightly creepy. This unusual blend of typical daily situations and unpredictable elements in the narration does create a spooky ambiance.

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The Bunnies

The Bunnies, a group of women with vibrant personalities and a very close-knit bond, further elevate the dark underpinnings of Bunny. As the protagonist Samantha delves deeper into the group, the narrative takes a eerie turn, blurring the line between reality and fantasy. Their overly enthusiastic demeanor alongside an odd loyalty for each other adds an unconventional spin, making the group all the scarier.

  • Depictions of Scenes

Bunny utilizes its vibrant descriptions and details to craft strange, discomforting scenes. The narrative goes from bright and friendly to weird and strange. As the protagonist gets engrossed with the Bunnies, the plot progressively uncovers extreme, confusing, and sometimes even nauseating incidents.

Reader Interpretation

Is Bunny scary? That depends heavily on your interpretation. Some readers might find it horrifying in a non-traditional sense. The book’s horror stems more from its use of creepy, bizarre descriptions and situations rather than a focus on terror or fear.

However, the book does present events that are psychologically jarring, and at times, confoundingly horrific.

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Character Depiction

The characters in Bunny, the Bunnies, and the protagonist Samantha, are portrayed in an uncanny manner. Their unconventional behaviors and distinct peculiarities give the story a dark undertone. The fact that these are ordinary characters, yet their depictions feel so out of the ordinary, adds an element of horror to the narrative.


In conclusion, Bunny is scary, but not in the way a traditional horror novel usually is. It’s the book’s use of dark humor, unsettling atmosphere, eerily peculiar characters, and the psychologically uncomfortable events that makes it chilling. Bunny offers a psychological thrill ride that navigates through an unnervingly dark academia setting. It’s a book that gives readers a fun, deeply engaging experience that leaves you with an aftertaste of eeriness and unease, which indeed can be quite scary.

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