Is the Show Euphoria Based on a Visual Novel?

The world of visual novels is vast and varied, encompassing a wide range of genres and themes. One particular series that has sparked interest and question in many minds is “Euphoria“. Is Euphoria based on a visual novel? To answer this question, we need to delve into the intriguing world of Euphoria and explore its manifestations in different media forms.

Euphoria: The Visual Novel

Euphoria is, in fact, a visual novel and also an eroge (erotic game) originally created by the company known as CLOCKUP. In this interactive form of storytelling, the plot revolves around a group of characters immersed in a macabre situation. The characters find themselves trapped in a complex, devoid of any recollection of how they ended up there. They are subjected to a series of sadistic challenges and experiments by an enigmatic, sadistic woman known as Euphoria.

    • The player’s choices in interacting with different characters lead to multiple endings, adding depth to the narrative and complexity to the gameplay. The concept of a “True Ending” is prevalent, generating more layers and diversity to the story.
    • Explicit content, including scenes of violence and intense sexual nature, form a part of Euphoria’s narrative fabric. The display of such explicit content accentuates the story’s grim and unsettling context.
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Euphoria: Different Adaptations

While the visual novel form of Euphoria has stirred many conversations, it is important to clarify its adaptations and manifestations in other mediums. For instance, Euphoria should not be confused with the HBO drama series bearing the same name.

    • The HBO series “Euphoria” is a teen drama based on an Israeli show, sharing no relation or similarity with the visual novel.
    • The series takes us into the turbulent lives of a group of high school teenagers, exploring their journey through love, loss and addiction. Hence, the narrative, characters and themes of the HBO series stand vastly apart from those of the visual novel.


    • Euphoria, in its visual novel form, incorporates elements of suspense, horror, psychological drama and dark themes, making it a complex narrative exploration.
    • The distinct routes, multiple endings and the interactive decision-making gameplay dynamics contribute to its immersive storytelling.
    • The presence of explicit content, including violent and sexually intense scenes, underlines its narrative intensity and mature themes.
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To sum up, Euphoria is indeed based on a visual novel. Its dark, intense narrative, disturbed characters and mature themes set it apart as a unique journey into the realm of psychological horror and suspense. However, it should not be conflated with the HBO series, which shares a name but is fundamentally different in genre, narrative and characterization.

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