Is the Word ‘Granddaughter’ Hyphenated?

Is the term ‘granddaughter’ hyphenated? This question comes up often and has left many in a state of confusion. The simple answer is no, there’s no hyphen in ‘granddaughter’. This may be a bit shocking given that English language is known for its irregularity and exceptions.

Misconceptions Around Hyphenating ‘Granddaughter’

To start with, some people may incorrectly spell granddaughter as either ‘grand-daughter’ or ‘grandaughter’. Both of these variations are incorrect. The correct spelling is ‘granddaughter’ without a hyphen and with double ‘d’.

  • Some people confuse the spelling due to the usage of a single ‘d’ in ‘grandad’. It’s important to note that ‘grandad’ and ‘granddaughter’ follow different conventions
  • Some tend to add a hyphen to form ‘grand-daughter’, probably to make sense of the two words the term comprises of. However, English grammar rules do not require a hyphen here

Understanding the Spelling ‘Granddaughter’

The term ‘granddaughter’ is a combination of two words, ‘grand’ and ‘daughter’. It’s a commonly used term in the English language, referring to the daughter of one’s child.

  • The spelling requires two d’s, one at the end of ‘grand’ and another at the beginning of ‘daughter’.
  • There is no space or hyphen between these two words when referring to a female grandchild

Dialect-Based Variations

While the term ‘granddaughter’ is universally spelled without a hyphen and with two ‘d’s, terms like ‘granddad’ and ‘grandad’ often see dialect-based variations.

  • They can be spelled as either ‘granddad’ or ‘grandad’, and both are correct
  • In American English, ‘granddad’ is the standard spelling while in British English, ‘grandad’ and ‘granddad’ are both common.


In summary, it’s crucial to remember that the term ‘granddaughter’ is spelled without a hyphen and two ‘d’s. The confusion often comes from the irregularities of English language and dialectical differences. While there is variation in terms like ‘grandad’, the spelling for ‘granddaughter’ remains consistent regardless of the dialect. So, next time around, remember there is no hyphen in ‘granddaughter’.

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